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Health Working Committee

Purpose and Mandate:

To promote a setting where Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq, The Province of Nova Scotia and The Government of Canada together discuss issues, develop solutions and recommend actions with respect to health for Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq.

The Health Committee works to address various issues in regards to health needs for Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq. Through researching the needs of Mi'kmaq, projects and partnerships are developed with First Nations communities and the government.

  • Compendium of Health Services - September 2003
  • Exploring Health Priorities in First Nation Communities in Nova Scotia
    Appendix A: Detailed Methodology

    2015-2016 Work Plan Objectives

    Mental Health and Addictions:
    To strengthen coordination and integration of community, and provincial mental health and addictions programs, services and resources; to improve access to a full continum of mental health and addictions services.

    Relationships and Collaboration:

    To promote the development of new/enhance existing relationships between community health staff and staff working in the two provincial health authorities (the IWK and the Nova Scotia Health Authority) and four management zones.

    Disability Services
    To promote awareness of the available provincially and federally funded services available to First Nations people living on Reserve, and encourage relevant partners to take action on the recommendations contained in the 2013 report from the Tripartite Disability Research Project.

    Carry over items, ongoing information items for the Committee in 2015/16, and items fitting under all goal areas.

    2011-2012 Work Plan Objectives:
    1. Mental Health and Addictions

    2. Continuing Care

    3. Cultural safety and training

    4. Relationships and collaboration

    5. Youth

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