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Justice Working Committee


To have Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq, The Province of Nova Scotia and The Government of Canada discuss issues, develop solutions and suggest actions with respect to justice for Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq.

The focus is to develop culturally appropriate justice services for Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq.

The Justice Working Committee includes representatives from:

  • The Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq
  • Nova Scotia Native Women's Association
  • Union of Nova Scotia Indians
  • Mi'kmaq Young Offender Program
  • Aboriginal Justice Directorate
  • Aboriginal and Diversity Policing Services RCMP "H" Division
  • Nova Scotia Office of Aboriginal Affairs
  • Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
  • Nova Scotia Correctional Services
  • Justice Canada
  • Nova Scotia Department of Justice
  • Court Service, Justice
  • Public Prosecution
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission

  • Justice Committee Mandate

  • Provide a framework in which Nova Scotia, Mi’kmaq and Canada can work together in a cooperative way to discuss issues, develop plans and recommend action regarding justice services for Mi’kmaq people.

  • Focus on objectives which promote culturally appropriate programs and services for inclusive community safety within a secure funding base. Such services may include the development of dispute resolution services and the further development of initiatives grounded in traditional Mi’kmaq Customary Law.

  • Promote Mi’kmaw justice concepts, in consultation and cooperation with the Mi’kmaq communities and other relevant government agencies through the Tripartite Forum.

  • Promote the administration and professional delivery of Mi’kmaq justice services to ensure that they are accountable to communities, efficient, effective, equitable and financially sustainable.

  • Incorporate the spirit and intent of the Royal Commission on the Donald Marshal Jr. Prosecution (1989) in the work of the Justice Committee.

  • Incorporate the spirit and intent of the 1995 report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People Bridging the Cultural Divide in the work of the Justice Committee.

  • 2015-2016 Work Plan Objectives

    The strategic goals for 2015 - 2016 outlined below are drawn from the 2015 Justice Working Committee Strategic Plan and include the following:

    Goal 1: Marshall Symposium Follow-up.

    Goal 2: Research on Indigenization and Wellness/Healing Courts.

    Goal3: Membership and PartnershipReview.

    Goal 4: Support MLSN.

    Goal 5: Reactivate the Substance Abuse and Family Violence subcommittees.

    2011- 2012 Work Plan Goals
    1. Support Mi’kmaq Legal Support Network (MLSN) Board of Directors, as requested, in achieving MLSN mandate.

    2. Through the Family Violence Sub-committee, begin the work of operating the Justice Working Committees April 2011 Research Report on Family Violence in Aboriginal Communities.

    3. Establish crime prevention framework in collaboration with Tripartite Social and Health Working Groups, with an emphasis on the development of enhanced access to addictions supports and youth at risk and mental health services.

    4. Promote cross-cultural awareness of Mi’kmaq issues among criminal justice system staff.

    5. Maintain linkages with the Made in Nova Scotia negotiation table regarding framework and process for customary law application to hunting, fishing and forestry matters.

    6. Begin examination of the outcomes of the 1989 Royal Commission on the Prosecution of Donald Marshall.

    7. Respond to jurisdictional issues which are brought to the attention of the Working Committee throughout the year.

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