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  1. Networking Workshop held in Millbrook
    Great way to Connect!
  2. Track and Field... Success Once Again!!

  3. Sport and Recreation Summit

  4. 5th Annual Tripartite Forum Annual Meeting
    A Time to Look at the Success!!
  5. And The Award Goes To...

  6. Addressing Family Violence – Building our Knowledge

Networking Workshop held in Millbrook – Great way to Connect

March 18, 2008 - The Millbrook Community Hall set the stage for a one - day training session on Aboriginal employment services and the affects racism has on employment opportunities for First Nations people. The event was held in partnership with the HRSDC Labour program and their Minister - Jeanne-Pierre Blackburn, Minister of Labour.

Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy opened the session with an opening prayer and provided some opening comments for those in attendance. “Things seem to be changing for the better, but what will it take to change it for good? If I could answer that it would save a lot of problems,” stated Grand Chief Sylliboy.

The day was not only a great networking opportunity with over twenty service groups represented. It also provided information on Recruitment and Retention Best Practices and an opportunity to network with Aboriginal Employment Service Providers and learn about the issues related to Aboriginal Employment.

Stacey McCarthy, Economic & Employment Administrator for the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq, provided a presentation on First Net. First Net (www.mns-firstnet.ca) is a vehicle used to reach the Aboriginal audience in Nova Scotia by placing job opportunities and scholarship and bursary information on line. The site is also a great resource for employers who would like to learn more information about Aboriginal culture. Presentations were also provided by the Mi'kmaq Employment and Training Secretariat (METS) and Native Council of Nova Scotia's Aboriginal Peoples Training & Employment Commission (APTEC), their focus was on the services they provide, and how to contact their clients.

Greg Brennan, Regional Manager of recruitment and training with the Royal Bank of Canada, Atlantic Division, said the networking workshop in Millbrook is a great example of how to improve race relations. “This event provides information on how to connect with people we would not have known about, said Brennan. “I know have a website, First Net, which contains information on Aboriginals seeking employment. It’s a great population to draw from. It will soon not be about getting jobs for (minorities) but choosing the one you want.”

A similar event is being planned for the Cape Breton area service providers. For more information on this event or upcoming workshops contact Bill Spruin at bill.spruin@servvicecanada.gc.ca.

Heather Hughes
Tripartite Forum Communications Officer
Phone: 902-895-6385

Track and Field…Success Once Again!!

Light rain, cloudy skies and a general uncertainty of weather created no havoc for the 250 participants who attended the Nova Scotia Schools Aboriginal Track and Field Championships, on May 27 and 28 at St. Francis Xavier University. A total of 12 schools and communities were represented, all who returned home with medals.

There was definitely an increase in participation and an improvement in skill among all schools and communities this year. This is a testament to all the schools for their hard work and commitment to the track meet.

Once again, I would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers for their help with the meet, without them the event would not take place. I would also like to commend all the students for their outstanding behavior during the event, as once again there were no incidents.

We will be having the Championships once again at St. Francis Xavier University, so start your training today!!!

Tex Marshall

Sport and Recreation Summit

Halifax marked the location for the 2nd Annual Nova Scotia Aboriginal Sport Summit. The two - day event which took place on June 3 and June 4 offered participants the opportunity to participate in Aboriginal Coaching Manual Sessions, Strategic Planning sessions, view a presentation on Aboriginal Sport Circle Programs and Initiatives, and Learn about a Youth Mentorship Program in Waycobah.

Participants from all over Nova Scotia participated in the Summit and gathered information.

The two-day event also played host to the first annual Mi’kmaw Sport Council of Nova Scotia Awards Banquet. Keynote Speaker Lyle Daniels, Aboriginal Sport Circle National Chairperson spoke about the importance of keeping our youth active. “We need to get our young people moving, get them away from the couch and out on a field. Sport provides leadership for or youth and empowers them to do more,” stated Daniels as he addressed the crowd. Daniels also provided some information on the initiatives that are taking place in his community and programs that have been developed with the government and other partners.

Honorable Barry Barnet, Nova Scotia Minister of Health Promotion and Protection spoke about investments that the government has made to increase funding for sport and recreation initiatives and programming. He also spoke about the partnerships that have been developed through the work of the Sport and Recreation Working Committee within the Tripartite Forum and how these relationships are helping bring health issues to the front.

The night did not only consist of speeches. Two outstanding athletes were recognized for their outstanding achievements in athletics. Lee Charles Denny from Eskasoni received the Tom Longboat Award for Male Athlete for the Nova Scotia Region. Sarah Lynn Knockwood from Indian Brook received the Tom Longboat Award for Female Athlete for the Nova Scotia Region. Individual communities were also given the opportunity to recognize outstanding athletes in their communities.

The two-day event was extremely organized and could have been achieved if not for the hard work of George “Tex” Marshall, Provincial Aboriginal Sport Animator, who continues to put Aboriginal Sport on the radar screen of everyone.

5th Annual Tripartite Forum Annual Meeting - A Time to Look at the Success!!

The Mi’kmaq –Nova Scotia – Canada Tripartite Forum held it’s 5th Annual General Meeting on June 12th and 13th In Bear River First Nation and Digby Pines Resort.

The 2- day session brought over 70 members of the 7 working committees, with a priority set on ensuring a highly effective Tripartite Forum. “At times it can be hard to see the results, but after today’s session you will see what your participation means to the continued success of the Tripartite Forum. All the meetings that you attend, the reports that you write and the extras you do, make it possible for this organization to work together with all our partners to improve the lives of all Mi’kmaq in Nova Scotia, commented Rick Simon, Executive Chair of the Forum.

The Annual Assembly provided members the opportunity to participate in a facilitated session discussing the successes of the forum. members had the opportunity to interview each other, talk and learn about ideas that are working in committees and projects that are being completed. Members as well as EDO’s, NEO’s and SDA”s were invited to hear presentations from service providers about funding and programs that they can offer to Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq communities. “It was a great opportunity to sit down with the service providers one on one and learn about all the programming that I can now access for my community,” one member was heard commenting.

The Mi’kmaq –Nova Scotia – Canada Tripartite Forum was formed in 1997 as a partnership between the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq, the Province of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada, to strengthen relationships and to resolve issues of mutual concern affecting Mi’kmaw communities. To learn more about the Tripartite Forum visit the website, www.tripartiteforum.com.

And The Award Goes To...

The Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO) recently recognized Louis Joe Bernard as Economic Developer of the Year. Louis Joe was presented the award at the 15th Annual National Conference and AGM for (CANDO), held in Montreal, Quebec on October 8, 2008.

This award is presented to an individual who has contributed to the advancement of Economic Development within the First Nation Community. This award reflects the work that Louis Joe does on a daily basis with the Union of Nova Scotia Indians (UNSI) and the Tripartite Forum and other initiatives. “CANDO has a certification process that demonstrates and recognizes the unique and cultural work that we as Economic Development Officers do in First Nation communities and work we do outside of the community that involves First Nation people.”

“I didn’t know that I was getting it until they called my name. It was one of the greatest feelings, to be recognized by my peers on a national scale,” stated Louis Joe.

Louis Joe works with the UNSI as Economic Development Advisor and is an active member with the Mi’kmaq – Nova Scotia – Canada Tripartite Forum Economic Development Working Committee. Louis Joe also serves as an active committee member on seven other various boards and advisory committees throughout the province.

Today the award is hung proudly in the hallway to Louis Joe’s office, a great place for everyone to view and enjoy.

Addressing Family Violence – Building our Knowledge

"Aboriginal women in Canada are at least three times more likely to have experienced spousal violence than non-Aboriginal women". Source: Statistic Canada, Catalogue no. 85-224, Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile, 2005 and 2008.
In 2007, the Tripartite Justice Committee established a working group to explore the issues of Aboriginal family violence in Nova Scotia. Two areas of focus for the Working Group are (1) the need for increased community outreach and education; and (2) the need for an intervention model, which will provide accountability and support to Aboriginal families experiencing violence. In order to effectively address the multi-faceted issues of family violence within communities, there is a need to develop culturally appropriate, pro-active responses involving women, families and communities at large.

The sub committee, formed through the Mi’kmaq – Nova Scotia – Canada Tripartite Forum, consists of members from the Mi’kmaq Legal Support Network (MLSN); Tripartite Justice Committee; Mi’kmaq Family Healing Centres; Nova Scotia Native Women’s Association; Nova Scotia Office of Aboriginal Affairs; Nova Scotia Department of Justice; Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women; Indian and Northern Affairs Canada; and Canada Research Chair Indigenous Peoples and Sustainable Communities (Jane McMillan).

L. Jane McMillan, Ph.D., from Saint Francis Xavier University has been hired to conduct the research. Over the past few months, Dr. McMillan has been conducting one-on-one interviews with women who have experienced family violence as well as focus groups with service providers, and Elders. In addition, the Working Group hosted two community forums, which enabled community members the opportunity to address issues, raise concerns and offer suggestions to addressing family violence in their community. Community members, youth, service providers, RCMP, health center staff, and band administrators from all 13 communities were invited to the sessions. Placed in talking circles, participants were asked a set of questions. Through facilitation participants discussed personal stories, stories of the past, history of violence in their communities and offered ideas for change. Throughout the day, the Mi’kmaq Family Healing Program offered support and an opportunity for participants to debrief from the days events. At the end of the day participants heard new ideas for change, and offered suggestions to help families and communities move forward.

“The sessions were extremely powerful, stated Facilitator Grace Campbell, with the Mi’kmaq Legal Support Network. “Listening to individuals share their experiences, or hear a youth offer a suggestion for change is very moving,” stated Campbell.

“It was amazing to hear peoples stories with such courage, strength and determination for change and healing on so many levels, individually, communally and as a nation,” stated Debbie Boyd, Director of Family and Community Healing, Mi'kmaw Family and Children's Services Of Nova Scotia.

The Mi’kmaq –Nova Scotia – Canada Tripartite Forum was formed in 1997 as a partnership between the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq, the Province of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada, to strengthen relationships and to resolve issues of mutual concern affecting Mi’kmaw communities. To learn more about the Tripartite Forum visit the website, www.tripartiteforum.com.

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