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Tripartite Forum Aknutmaqn ~ Vol 5 - Issue 1

In this Issue:
  1. Welcome to e-Aknutmaqn
  2. Secretariat Updates
  3. Up-coming Co-Chairs meeting
  4. Tripartite Forum in the Provincial Budget
  5. A pat-on-the-back
  6. Annual Report Reminder
  7. Meeting Schedule
  8. Community Sessions
  9. Project Review Committee Update
  10. Committee Work plan Reminder

1 - Welcome to e-Aknutmaqn (e-Newsletter)

One issue that often comes up when talking about a newsletter is form vs. function. Does it "look nice" or does it communicate the facts and information to those that need to know.

In the past, the Forum has produced a designed and printed newsletter. It was only put out a few times a year as it was a large project to accumulate information, layout and produce. In the spirit of "getting the information out" - we're moving to a e-newsletter format.

We're hoping to release this digital version more frequently to keep all Forum members and friends up to date on the activities of the Forum. We look forward to your comments and hope this new version works for everyone.

2 - Secretariat Updates

In their revamped roles with the Secretariat, Denise and Mali have divided up the working committees with which they will be working.

That division is as follows:

  • Culture & Heritage
  • Education
  • Justice
  • Sport & Recreation

  • Economic Development
  • Health
  • Social

    Interviews have been completed and the Secretariat's new Project Manager will be starting soon.

    3 - Up-coming Annual General Assembly

    The 2007 Annual General Assembly will take place June 27th and 28th. A special celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Tripartite Forum will take place between 3-5 on the afternoon of the 27th. Meetings will continue on the 28th from 10AM until 3:30PM.

    4 - Tripartite Forum in the Provincial Budget

    The Mi'kmaq-Nova Scotia-Canada Tripartite Forum was mentioned by name in the 2007-2008 Nova Scotia provincial budget, released on March 23, 2007, and read by Minister of Finance Michael Baker.

    "Mr. Speaker, one of my other Executive Council responsibilities is that of the Office of Aboriginal Affairs. Last month, on behalf of the province, I had the honour to sign the framework agreement for the made-in-Nova Scotia negotiation process with our First Nations. Mr. Speaker, this year we will provide more financial resources to the Office of Aboriginal Affairs to support the continuation of this important work with the Mi’kmaq–Nova Scotia–Canada Tripartite Forum."

    5 - A pat-on-the-back

    Sara-Lynne Knockwood (of the Forum's Sport and Recreation Working Committee) was recently asked to represent the Aboriginal Sport Circle on the National Board of Directors for AthletesCAN.

    AthletesCAN represents all athletes from all of Canada's national teams and work to ensure a fair, responsive and supportive sport system for athletes in Canada. In fulfilling this mission, AthletesCAN is committed to the values of accountability, equity, inclusiveness and mutual respect.

    Congratulations Sara-Lynne!

    6 - Annual Report Reminder

    A reminder goes out to all working committee co-chairs to have their committee reports in to Jeff by the deadline - May 18, 2007. If you haven't received the details for this report, contact Jeff - jeff@cmmns.com.

    7 - Meeting Schedule

    For all up-to-date meetings that are scheduled - please check out the online calendar at:

    8 - Community Sessions

    Jeff will be working with Brenda Tracey and Doug Brown to set up a series of community information sessions on the Tripartite Forum. These sessions will visit the First Nation Communities across Nova Scotia - to share what's happening in the work of the Forum.

    9 - Project Review Committee Update

    The first meeting of the Tripartite Forum Project Review Committee has taken place, and the first projects to be funded from the Tripartite Forum Fund for Economic and Social Change have been approved.

    The committee met on April 4th, 2007 to review 3 projects that had been put forward by committees. The projects and the levels at which they were approved are as follows: Culture & Heritage Committee (Bedford Barrens Gathering project - $25,000); Economic Development Committee (First Net project - $44,195); and, the Economic Development Committee (Market analysis for Mi’kmaq Tourism Strategy - $43,205).

    Also, during the first meeting of the Project Review Committee the members worked to approve the procedures and guidelines for the work of the committee itself. The Committee also established a date of 4 weeks prior to each meeting as being the deadline for application review for the up-coming meeting. It was determined that the committee would meet to review submitted projects 4 times per year. As part of the protocol for the application process, only applications accompanied by the project proposal template, that has been submitted to the Project Manager by the deadline will be put forward to the Project Review Committee for consideration.

    Members of the Project Review Committee are Rick Simon, Jim Hepworth, Dorothy Haché, Wyatt White, Jeff MacCallum, Tex Marshall, Maureen Collins, Jeff Bishop and the soon to be named Tripartite Forum Project Manager.

    10 - Committee Work plan Reminder

    Committee co-chairs are reminded to have their committee work plans submitted to Brenda Tracey (brenda@cmmns.com) by May 30th.

    This deadline is to ensure your work plans will be included in the package to be presented at the upcoming Officials meeting.

    If you have an idea for the newsletter, please drop Jeff a note at jeff@cmmns.com.

    And please feel free to pass along this newsletter to any colleagues that may be interested in the work of the Forum.

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