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Tripartite Forum Aknutmaqn ~ Vol 6 - Issue 1

In this Issue:
  1. People are reading it! People are reading it!
  2. Secretariat Updates
  3. New Steering Co-chair
  4. New UNSI Tripartite Coordinator
  5. Annual Reports available
  6. Meeting Schedule
  7. Project Review Committee Update

1 - People are reading it! People are reading it!

Thank you goes out to all the folks that wrote in after our initial edition of the e-Aknutmaqn - there were some great comments on everything from format to content. Thanks again, and we'll try to keep up the good work.

You can also read this, and past editions of the e-Aknutmaqn online by visiting:

2 - Secretariat Updates

We are sad (for us) and happy (for them) to announce that Denise and Mary Martha (Mali) will be moving on from their positions as Tripartite Administrators. Denise will be joining the team at the KMK office in Millbrook as an Working Group Administrative Officer, and Mali will be going to Truro Jr. High school to be their Aboriginal Student Liaison.

As a reminder, we thought we talk about who makes up the Forum's Secretariat?

  • Two Tripartite Administrators
  • One Tripartite Project Manager
  • One Tripartite Communications Officer

    And...what do they do again?

    The Administrators work with all the committees to coordinate meetings (book the space, arrange for meals, take care of travel forms, take meeting minutes, prepare meeting packages and materials), track committee budgets, remind members of meeting and forward on agendas and minutes for up-coming meetings.

    The Project Manager - the newest member of the team - works with the working committees as they develop projects. From helping with the early planning stages, to locating funding sources, and even helping with certain project tasks - Jill's there to help make committee projects a success.

    The Communications Officer works to share the story of the Tripartite Forum. From positive working relationships to innovative projects and an organization that lead the way in Canada - there's lots to say about the Forum. He writes stories, prepares documents and works with partners in the Provincial and Federal governments to let everyone know about the work we do.

    Aside from those day-to-day duties, the Secretariat staff also work with the Steering Committee in the planning and administration of the Forum as a whole.

    3 - New Steering Co-chair

    Federal Steering Co-chair Dorothy Haché is moving on in her career. Dorothy has accepted a new position with ACOA, and will be stepping aside from her Steering Committee role with the Forum.

    As federal lead department in the Forum, INAC has appointed Phil Fraser to become the new federal steering co-chair.

    A big thanks to Dorothy for all the work she's done in her Steering Committee role - your leadership will be missed!

    4 - New UNSI Tripartite Coordinator

    The Union of Nova Scotia Indians has hired a new Tripartite Coordinator - Diana (Dee) Campbell. Dee will be taking over this role from Doug Brown, who will continue to work with the Union in his other role as Legal Council.

    Thanks for all your work Doug - and welcome aboard Dee.

    5 - Annual Reports available

    If you would like to read the 06-07 Tripartite Forum Annual Report, it's available online at:

    Printed copies are also available - just drop Jeff an email with the number you'd like and your mailing address.

    6 - Meeting Schedule

    For all up-to-date meetings that are scheduled - please check out the online calendar at:

    7 - Project Review Committee Update

    The latest meeting of the Project Review Committee was held September 17th at CMM, where the committee looked at projects submitted for the latest round.

    The latest projects be approved for funding are:
    • EcDev Committee - Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop ($22,500)
    • Health Committee - Moving Forward Together on Health Priorities ($33,500)
    • Justice Committee - Court Translator Modules Development Project ($42,100)
    Members of the Project Review Committee are Rick Simon, Jim Hepworth, Phil Fraser, Ernest Walker, Lorie Benjamin, Tex Marshall, Maureen Collins, Jeff Bishop and Jill Morrison.

    As a reminder - the next deadline for project proposal submission is November 19th.

    If you have an idea for the newsletter, please drop Jeff a note at jeff@cmmns.com.

    And please feel free to pass along this newsletter to any colleagues that may be interested in the work of the Forum.

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